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H50 M series


Selfsat H50M flat antenna single
For 2 satellites

This is the new SELFSAT H50M flat antenna. It is the world's first flat satellite antenna for reception from 2 orbit positions. The flat and innovative design of the antenna ensures an inconspicuous installation on a house wall or a pole.

For example, you can receive the following satellite combinations: Astra 19.2° & Hotbird 13° or Astra 4A & Thor. The satellites are changed automatically via DiSEqC control. The reception performance of this flat antenna corresponds to that of a high-quality 80cm mirror. This means you can easily receive Astra and Hotbird, for example.

In contrast to conventional satellite dishes, the Selfsat H50M is particularly inconspicuous due to its rectangular and flat shape. This makes for a nicer and more inconspicuous installation. The included mounting bracket allows the Selfsat H50M to be mounted either on a wall or on a balcony railing.

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