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H30 series



The compact antenna

This new flat antenna from Selfsat has a small, compact design and is quick and easy to install. Compared to its predecessor models, it is even flatter, more powerful and larger.

SELFSAT is easy to transport and can be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily at any time! That's why it's the ideal antenna for vacation and camping. Quick-clamp assembly can also avoid major discussions and negotiations for building and installation permits! The (almost) invisible satellite antenna.


For all Ku-Band satellites Dual Linear Polarization (Vertical & Horizontal) All mounts included - table mount / mast / balcony mount / wall mount. Flat and inconspicuous housing. A high-quality LNB for up to 4 participants is also integrated. The satellite antenna is suitable for Astra, Hotbird, Eutelsat and other satellites.

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