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The direct one

The fully automatic, portable mobile satellite antenna for Astra 19.2° East.

From now on, Selfsat offers all caravan and camping enthusiasts an even easier way to receive satellite television. With our SNIPE Mobil Camp Direct, we deliver a lightweight and portable satellite antenna that automatically aligns itself to the Astra 19.2° East satellite at every new parking space within just approx. 90 seconds. 

Once connected, it requires neither an additional control device nor its own power supply.

Thanks to the plastic hood, the SNIPE Mobil Camp Direct is optimally protected against damage and the effects of the weather and thus ensures trouble-free reception despite its small dimensions.


Thanks to its compact design and light weight of just 4.5 kg, the antenna can be conveniently set up anywhere where there is a clear field of view and can be easily dismantled again.

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