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In the interest of sustainability, we offer the long-term option to maintain and repair your Selfsat antenna. The service also includes all Selfsat based OEM products such as Carbest or Megasat.

Shipping repairs

You can send us any defective Selfsat antenna with a description of the error for inspection.


Please note the following:


Warranty repairs (Selfsat antennas only)

In the event of a warranty repair, please enclose proof of purchase.


Please send the antenna and, if available, the control unit or remote control with the antenna. Please do not send any additional accessories, cables, etc.

Dome antennas

Please send dome antennas without a cover to prevent possible damage during transport.

Dish antennas


Please send Dish antennas without the mirror sheet to prevent possible damage during transport.

Repair in our service center

We offer you the opportunity to present your motorhome directly to us.


Please make an appointment using the form below to avoid unnecessary waiting times.


If there are waiting times due to more complex work, you can wait for your repair on our premises or nearby mobile home parking spaces.

Parking space location

Repair order via email

Danke für Ihre Nachricht.
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