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Caravans are becoming multimedia mobiles with fully automatic reception. Relaxed arrival guaranteed.


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SELFSAT Smart LED TVs offer Full HD with streaming, pre-programmed channel lists and a variety of connection options.



Perfect sound for on the go: Soundbars for self-sat TV models from 22-32" in brilliant home cinema quality!


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Elegance meets technology. Compact, unobtrusive and universal. The aesthetic type of reception.



Mobile 4G/5G/Wifi routers ensure optimal internet coverage while on the go. Internet like at home.


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Sustainable solution: Repair service for Selfsat antennas and related OEM products such as Carbest and Megasat.

High-quality antennas, accessories and spare parts for on the go and at home

Immerse yourself in the world of high-quality satellite reception. Selfsat not only offers first-class antennas, but also an extensive range of accessories and spare parts for on the go and at home.

No matter whether you want to experience digital programs, razor-sharp HDTV or impressive UHD - our products turn your wishes into reality. Rely on Selfsat for outstanding reception quality and the best entertainment.

No more annoying installation of bulky offset antennas! Our Selfsat flat and camping antennas offer a revolutionary solution. Receive satellite programming without the space required by traditional antennas. And for those traveling in a motorhome, we offer the convenient option of aligning the antenna at the push of a button. Make your life easier and experience first-class satellite reception with Selfsat.



Discover the ultimate mobile camping antenna!


Simply unpack, place and get started.


Your loyal companion for many years

Your Selfsat antenna is more than just a technical device - it is your reliable companion in the world of digital SAT reception. For this reason, we want to ensure that your antenna will serve you for many years to come.


Our promise to you is a long-term service that keeps your antenna in top condition. In the interest of our environment and sustainability, it is important to us to ensure that no Selfsat antenna ends up in the scrapyard. Through our dedicated efforts and expert repairs, we want to ensure that your antenna stays in service for as long as possible.

Our extensive stock of spare parts covers all models, meaning we are able to carry out any type of repair at our specialist Selfsat Service Center in Vohenstrauß, Bavaria. Experienced technicians work there who are very familiar with all aspects of antenna technology. You can trust that your antenna is in the best hands with us.

Rely on our first-class service to keep your Selfsat antenna in top condition, ensuring that you can enjoy first-class satellite reception for many years to come. We are at your side with specialist knowledge, experience and commitment. Your trust is our motivation!

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